Definition of on the bludge in English:

on the bludge


NZ, Australian
  • Shirking responsibility and living off the efforts of others.

    ‘they are on the bludge looking for good times at the taxpayers' expense’
    • ‘This is just another family on the bludge, using a compliant media who fail to do basic research.’
    • ‘They are flat broke and will probably go on the bludge expecting us to pay for their expensive art exhibition.’
    • ‘Good on the Baltic countries for sorting out their own stuff and taking a bit of pain instead of going on the bludge.’
    • ‘It is often stated by sycophants on the bludge, that, "If it isn't broken, then don't fix it."’
    • ‘It makes companies go on the bludge rather than work towards a profit.’