Definition of on shore in English:

on shore


  • Ashore; on land.

    ‘are any of the crew left on shore?’
    • ‘One day he discovers a coffin washed up on shore and in it the perfectly preserved body of a sailor.’
    • ‘Harbor seals give birth on shore and nurse their pups for four to five weeks.’
    • ‘He's a great sailor and fighter, but on shore has more than his share of shortcomings as a businessman, politician and husband.’
    • ‘Some states originally allowed gambling only on boats that were not anchored in harbors, while gambling is now is allowed on shore.’
    • ‘If the network is implemented, the navy will achieve its goal of information sharing between its ships and command centers on shore.’
    • ‘There were very few lights on shore, but the glow on the horizon to the northeast clearly pointed the way to Cartagena.’
    • ‘A week later their supplies had been completely exhausted but they landed on shore in time.’
    • ‘When I was safely on shore, the smell of fish hit me like a brick wall.’
    • ‘As the pedal boat landed on shore, Louis and one of the men who was on the pedal boat carried Stephen off from the boat and laid him on the sand.’
    • ‘We have to speak out passionately to try to get the Tampa boat people on shore.’