Definition of on pins and needles in English:

on pins and needles


  • In an agitated state of suspense.

    • ‘You look like you're sitting on pins and needles.’
    • ‘‘Quite frankly, everyone is on pins and needles,’ she says.’
    • ‘It gets pretty darn intense, and a lot of guys are on pins and needles when the weather starts changing or a cold front begins moving through right before an important qualifying session.’
    • ‘During the week-long interval, she was on pins and needles.’
    • ‘The rest of us were on pins and needles until they returned in about 45 minutes with the aircraft still in good shape and ready to take us out.’
    • ‘I know that I was all ready to post my most exciting secrets on Saturday morning and I'm sure that you were all on pins and needles, too, but sometimes life steps in and puts other things in your path.’
    • ‘He had finally perfected what he was going to say, and he was waiting on pins and needles for his chance to put all his worries to rest.’
    • ‘The baseball world has been on pins and needles for weeks now, waiting for George Steinbrenner to hurl lightning bolts - or at least a few pink slips - down from the Yankee Stadium owner's box.’
    • ‘Well, we're on pins and needles until we hear any confirmation, if there is any to be had on the latest rumors regarding DNA results, everyone.’
    • ‘Now they sit on pins and needles, figuratively speaking, because, now that you're back, they don't know if you are to be depended upon.’
    • ‘Everyone was on pins and needles to see if the elections went off smoothly and fierce legal battles could be avoided.’
    • ‘Everyone is on pins and needles, waiting for the Federal Reserve to announce its decision on interest rates within the hour.’
    • ‘We were on pins and needles for all the game.’
    • ‘I don't regret my recent purchase; I suppose I'm just frustrated because my timing means I'll be walking on pins and needles every time I want to download/buy new software, etc.’
    • ‘I didn't want to spend the rest of the evening on pins and needles, avoiding him because I was afraid of a confrontation.’
    • ‘It will keep people on pins and needles for the next 48 months but we'll keep trucking along.’
    • ‘She sat on pins and needles, waiting for his response.’
    • ‘People are on pins and needles to see what controversial remarks high-ranking officials in the Roh administration will make next.’
    • ‘With the world glued to their TVs, watching on pins and needles, NASA today scrubbed the launch of Space Shuttle Discovery at the last minute.’
    • ‘I'm waiting on pins and needles for the results.’
    in suspense, waiting with bated breath
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