Definition of on one's own responsibility in English:

on one's own responsibility


  • Without authorization.

    ‘he postponed, on his own responsibility, a proposal for a broadcast by the Archbishop of Canterbury’
    • ‘Is an archbishop authorized to draw that kind of money on his own responsibility, without telling anybody?’
    • ‘However, three months later, he decided on his own responsibility to try the drug again, and four hours later, had a tonic-clonic seizure.’
    • ‘‘He has fared ill,’ is an addition that each man makes on his own responsibility.’
    • ‘When the Officer of the watch believes the ship to be running into danger it is his duty to act at once on his own responsibility.’
    • ‘I am aware that cases may occur where the commanding general, acting on his own responsibility, may with safety pass this limit, and with essential advantage to his country.’
    • ‘To that end they supply services to third parties, on their own responsibility, thus acting independently within the meaning of Article 4 of the Sixth Directive.’
    • ‘Rather than sticking to your own stable skills, you should be flexible and polyvalent, and you should do this on your own responsibility, autonomously.’
    • ‘I will send this letter to the Lieutenant General on my own responsibility.’
    • ‘Yet so far, we as a nation have not only shirked responsibility for our own emissions, but have even interfered with the efforts of other nations to act on their own responsibility.’
    • ‘He stated that the religious organisations were doing the registration on their own responsibility and the department has nothing to do with it.’