Definition of on one's honour in English:

on one's honour


  • 1Under a moral obligation.

    ‘they are on their honour as gentlemen not to cheat’
    • ‘As a vice-principal commented, ‘Every school was put on their honour’ to promote better eating habits.’
    • ‘But my opponents had put me on my honour not to warn any patriot.’
    • ‘When you read this message, you are on your honor to delete all files from your hard drive.’
    • ‘I wish I could tell you all about the preparation we've made, but as you see by the green envelope we are put on our honour not to do so.’
    • ‘He wrote in his diary on December 31, 1775: ‘I have been confined upon my honor not to absent myself from the town.’’
    • ‘Either side can sign themselves out on day passes on their honor not to escape.’
    • ‘‘Aircrews were sort of on their honor to do a good job,’ Hinton said.’
    1. 1.1on my honour Used as an expression of sincerity.
      ‘I promise on my honour’
      • ‘Do you swear on your honor that you will never be swayed by her?’
      • ‘She had sworn on her honor that she wouldn't let Ramirez kill Leon.’
      • ‘Please, I swear on my honor that if you come over I won't do anything to hurt you.’
      • ‘She made them all promise on their honor to return, and they did.’
      • ‘I swear on my honor I shall save her from that madman who has taken her from us.’
      • ‘I swear on my honour that I'll stay as still as I can.’
      • ‘I swear, on my honour as a former princess, to return before too long.’
      • ‘I swear, on my honor, that I don't know how to paint.’
      • ‘However, I do assure you, on my honor, it's not poisoned.’
      • ‘‘I swear on my honor that it won't happen again’, replied Megan from the bathroom doorway, in the skirt and sweater she wore yesterday.’