Definition of on one's haunches in English:

on one's haunches


  • With the haunches resting on the backs of the heels.

    ‘Billy squatted down on his haunches’
    • ‘I huddled into the corner, sat on my haunches and waited for them to tire of their game.’
    • ‘On her knees, resting on her haunches on the bed, in imitation of his pose, she tilts her head and looks at him quizzically.’
    • ‘Then I tried to squat, but I could only get down a little bit on my haunches, and that's when I got worried.’
    • ‘I rested on my haunches until the dust dissipated but then leaned forward again.’
    • ‘‘Well, everyone says there aren't any bad guys around,’ the lieutenant told the two ostensible allies as they squatted on their haunches, stolid and implacable.’
    • ‘He's squatting on his haunches, scooting along and slowing his descent by holding to the plants.’
    • ‘He stopped, rested back on his haunches, and slowly checked his room for anything he may have over looked.’
    • ‘As Eddie inched his way on his haunches toward Jimmy, I saw the cobra.’
    • ‘He moved over to me and squatted down on his haunches so he could look at me eye to eye.’
    • ‘He took no offence at her gentle mocking; instead he surprised her by squatting down beside her on his haunches as if intending to converse with her.’