Definition of on ice in English:

on ice


  • 1(of wine or food) kept chilled by being surrounded by ice.

    ‘the champagne was already on ice’
    • ‘Andy, the perfect host, had arranged for several buckets of champagne to be waiting on ice for us in the interval bar.’
    • ‘In anticipation of victory the bubbly stuff was already on ice.’
    • ‘Spoon some lobster noodles in a bowl that is chilled on ice.’
    • ‘But it was the champions-elect that were sent home in defeat, the champagne, for now at least, chilling on ice.’
    • ‘We have the champagne on ice and are ready to pay out the prize, so I'd encourage everyone to check their tickets.’
    • ‘Will the stars have to go without hair dryers and champagne on ice?’
    • ‘He had hired a gleaming limousine, saved up for the £1,300 diamond ring and ordered the champagne to be put on ice.’
    • ‘On arrival, there's champagne on ice and an artily cut fruit platter.’
    • ‘Should it emerge that Terem was not an isolated incident, no-one need put any champagne on ice before next Friday.’
    • ‘The samples were heated for 6-7 min, then chilled on ice, and centrifuged.’
    1. 1.1 (especially of a plan or proposal) held in reserve for future consideration.
      ‘the recommendation was put on ice’
      • ‘However, the plan was put on ice after a study showed that a third network was not economically feasible.’
      • ‘Put bad food habits on ice with these tips to revamp your refrigerator.’
      • ‘So the plan has been put on ice until the society can convince them that it is safe.’
      • ‘Early in March, Genesis Energy put plans on ice for two coal-fired power stations in Huntly.’
      • ‘Two planning applications have had to be put on ice after a council failed to tell people about a crucial meeting.’
      • ‘Mr Wicks said putting the plans on ice would cut down the overall cost of the massive engineering scheme by an estimated £220m.’
      • ‘‘They will be kept on ice for future use,’ I replied.’
      • ‘Plans for a lavish Christmas wedding have been put on ice while the couple take stock of their 15-month relationship.’
      • ‘The European partnership, meanwhile, is on ice and likely to remain so.’
      • ‘Initially, it was hoped the family would jet off to the States this summer but the gruelling chemotherapy sessions have put plans on ice.’
      in abeyance, pending, ongoing, in the air, up in the air, open, still open, hanging fire, in the balance
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  • 2(of an entertainment) performed by skaters.

    ‘Dick Whittington on Ice’
    • ‘In 1973, at the age of 9, Nina Ananiashvili performed on ice an adaptation of Michel Fokine's solo The Dying Swan.’
    • ‘And during the shoot in Norway, John risked his life by performing a series of extreme stunts on ice.’
    • ‘Intriguingly, the director chose to re-enact the story on ice, employing top figure skaters from eastern Europe.’
    • ‘It would be a unique event as Indians for the first time would get to watch white bear performing on ice.’
    • ‘Everyone has watched accomplished skaters spin on ice.’
    • ‘I admire the skill and dedication of the athletes who perform on ice and snow, and I'll be a faithful viewer of this year's Games.’
    • ‘The floor is painted in whirls of dusty white, so we seem to be viewing a performance on ice.’