Definition of on drugs in English:

on drugs


  • 1Taking medically prescribed drugs.

    ‘on drugs for high blood pressure’
    1. 1.1 Under the influence of or habitually taking illegal drugs.
      ‘all the criminals were on drugs’
      • ‘By then she'd got herself a job and a house, but her doctor threw her off the methadone course and she ended up back on drugs.’
      • ‘How do you know he wasn't on drugs?’
      • ‘Just because people can't comprehend the level of fitness and ability that some riders have, they now assume they all do it on drugs.’
      • ‘Do they still love me in spite of my awful behaviour towards them when I was on drugs?’
      • ‘I went to Spain for two weeks with two of my other friends who were on drugs.’
      • ‘Just hours after his death the police said he was on drugs.’
      • ‘I have a low opinion of myself, I'm angry at life and I'm somebody I don't want to be when I'm on drugs.’
      • ‘Well, he was on drugs, remarks Hitchens, who claims the cult is dying off.’
      • ‘They see him as a bad influence and have heard rumors about him being on drugs.’
      • ‘All meetings about children who may be on drugs should have a drug worker present.’