Definition of on drive in English:

on drive


  • A drive to the on side.

    • ‘And the on drives looked great, very few batsmen have the ability to play ball wide of mid on without lifting the ball.’
    • ‘Syracuse likes to get him the ball along the baseline, where he can score on drives or draw double-teams and pass to teammates.’
    • ‘Giffen was an attacking batsman and had a variety of strokes including powerful off and on drives.’
    • ‘Getting hit on drives to the basket is nothing new for him.’


  • with object Drive a ball delivered by (a bowler) to the on side.

    ‘Wright, who had on-driven Maru for six earlier, was immediately run out’
    • ‘The first bowling change on came at 46 with White taking over from Sidebottom, whose five overs had cost nine runs, but Montgomerie soon worked him through mid-wicket to raise the 50 and he on-drove the next ball for two.’
    • ‘There were many breathtaking moments in Martyn's innings but none more so than when he on-drove left-arm spinner Ian Fisher for two enormous sixes in the region of the old winter shed to complete his double century.’
    • ‘A little later, a pitched-up delivery was on-driven with effortless ease.’
    • ‘Jonathan Hughes and Mike Powell briefly steadied the ship, with Hughes bringing up the fifty with a sumptuous cover drive off Ben Phillips, before on-driving the same bowler for another crisp four in his next over.’
    • ‘McGrath on-drove Middlebrook high into the stand for six but Jaques was let off again on 91 when Andy Flower missed a sharp chance at slip.’
    • ‘Barnes on-drove for two and then three byes followed which once again tilted the scales.’
    • ‘When, briefly Warne switched back to over the wicket after tea, Pietersen hit him straight for six and on-drove him for four.’
    • ‘His confidence dented, Laxman, who had on-driven Shane Warne with effortless ease - hitting against sharp leg-spin is perhaps the toughest shot in the cricketing manual - in the past, was now succumbing to long hops from the Aussie.’
    • ‘Murray Goodwin began with a single before Richard Montgomerie cut a four and on-drove a three and the next ball was steered to the vacant third man boundary by Goodwin.’
    • ‘His memorable moment came in the second over after the tea-break when he on-drove fast bowler Dillon.’


on drive