Definition of on deposit in English:

on deposit


  • (of money) placed in a deposit account.

    ‘half of the money is placed on deposit’
    • ‘In an ideal world, you would sell your first home, have money on deposit earning interest - then buy your next home the following week.’
    • ‘I think of savers as people who want both their capital and their income to be safe and secure and, usually, their money ends up on deposit in a bank or building society.’
    • ‘Keeping some of your money on deposit is never a bad idea.’
    • ‘Question 7: How much emergency money do you have on deposit?’
    • ‘They've always put their money on deposit and considered themselves to be savers, not investors.’
    • ‘If you cannily kept your money on deposit and were waiting for an opportunity to ‘average in’ to the stock market, now could be a good time to make the move.’
    • ‘Even putting money on deposit and living off the interest carries the risk of your bank going under.’
    • ‘Are you paying overdraft and double-digit personal loan rates on borrowings while leaving money on deposit at an interest rate of one or two per cent?’
    • ‘As a firm believer in the stock market as the best way to generate wealth, I don't keep a lot of money on deposit, except some tax-free savings.’
    • ‘While it might be tempting to leave money on deposit in the hope that interest rates will pick up there is a real problem with that strategy.’