Definition of on deck in English:

on deck


  • 1On or on to a ship's main deck.

    ‘she stood on deck for hours’
    • ‘On this occasion, people were sunbathing out on deck while the ship made its way between Ullapool and Stornoway.’
    • ‘I was up on deck at first light along with most of the ship's occupants.’
    • ‘Once dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, Blair found Jim standing on deck, coffee in hand, looking out over the water.’
    • ‘Bligh orders the ship's doctor, a dying man, to stand on deck despite his illness.’
    • ‘We had been sitting inside because of the cold, but as the ferry began to pull into the dock, Maria went on deck and stood by the railing near the bow.’
    • ‘Within seconds, the entire crew stood assembled on deck, looking expectantly at Shane.’
    • ‘It seems that after the engines had been put out of action, the captain called everyone on deck and told them to abandon ship.’
    • ‘They're hundreds of miles into the Atlantic Ocean and they're probably standing on deck, holding glasses of champagne, and waiting to toast the New Year in.’
    • ‘It took an hour for the large refrigerated cargo ship to manoeuvre to bring the four on deck, using a rope ladder over the side.’
    • ‘My days were spent on deck, working the ship and my nights were spent in Garren's pleasant company.’
    1. 1.1North American informal Ready for action or work.
      • ‘We begin with our friend Clint Eastwood, who's on deck in Washington.’
      • ‘I want to spend a few brief moments with David Ensor, CNN's national security correspondent on deck in Washington.’
      • ‘And on deck in Salt Lake City is Kevin Peraino, correspondent covering the Smart story for ‘Newsweek’.’
      • ‘Martz's decision to stick with Warner come hell or high water becomes even more questionable considering he has the able-bodied Marc Bulger on deck.’
      • ‘I don't know how they organize who is on deck for media appearances, but they just have to be better prepared.…’
      • ‘It's a busy day, with no relief tonight - my wife's at the Bunco henfest, which means I'm on deck until midnight.’
      • ‘Also on deck was De Bruijn, who owns history's fastest 50 after three Chinese swimmers.’
      • ‘I'm back on deck today and ready for return to German class tonight, though I haven't done much revision.’
      in position, poised, ready for use, ready for action, waiting
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