Definition of on cue in English:

on cue


  • At the correct moment.

    ‘right on cue the door opened’
    • ‘The pages turn right on cue and the pictures are evocative enough that the story tells itself just by listening.’
    • ‘They ate in silence, and they appeared to finish their food together, as if on cue.’
    • ‘Barely had he collapsed when two others rushed to his aid, sweeping him into an ambulance that sped forward on cue from a side street.’
    • ‘As if on cue, a door on the far side of the room opened, and a voice called.’
    • ‘TV coaches can teach a candidate how to smile on cue and even how to feign sincerity.’
    • ‘Right on cue, fish began to show, and the water suddenly came alive.’
    • ‘On cue, the creature began running towards her, sword drawn and red eyes frighteningly wild.’
    • ‘At that very moment as if on cue, somewhere in the distance a wolf let out a menacing howl.’
    • ‘As if right on cue, the door to the parlor opened just then and another servant, a young man, entered.’
    • ‘On cue, Ashby entered with a cart possessing several trays from which delicious aromas rose.’