Definition of on a sixpence in English:

on a sixpence


  • Used to refer to a manoeuvre that can be performed by a moving vehicle or person within a small area or short distance.

    ‘the car stops on a sixpence’
    • ‘A cross from Mark Bower fell to him and the striker turned on a sixpence and fired in an unstoppable shot.’
    • ‘This tank-like thing was almost impossible to drive and I had to follow the camera car, stop on a sixpence and act at the same time.’
    • ‘Triumph engineers believed that women were unable to park or manoeuvre in tight spaces and so the car had to be able to turn on a sixpence.’
    • ‘He spins on a sixpence and curls a creamer just wide of the post.’
    • ‘Helped by the variable pitched props, he showed that he could turn it on a sixpence.’
    • ‘It can turn on a sixpence and go anywhere: up and down kerbs, across pavements, squeezing between bollards at a gentle walking pace.’
    • ‘No doubt they will teach me how to be graceful on the snow, how to slalom with the best of them and how to stop on a sixpence.’
    • ‘Trained to turn on a sixpence, these elite dancers are at once quick and mercurial, plastic and realistic, then gracefully classical.’
    • ‘The steering is beefy, the turn-in very sharp, the brakes can stop you on a sixpence, and the acceleration is just mind blowing.’
    • ‘He turns on a sixpence and belts the ball towards goal.’