Definition of on a level with in English:

on a level with


  • Equal with.

    ‘they were treated as menials, on a level with cooks’
    • ‘The lawyer's fees from these movie-star deals have escalated to the point where the town's top lawyers sustain an exotic standard of living on a level with their prize clients.’
    • ‘‘The prices being charged are on a level with those you might pay in Vienna or New York to hear some of the finest singers and orchestras in the world,’ he said.’
    • ‘They were restless men who ‘put themselves on a level with princes’.’
    • ‘‘To be compared with those guys and to be put on a level with them, that's an honor,’ says Martin, who has never rushed for fewer than 1,150 yards in a season.’
    • ‘I can run on a level with thousands of other runners.’
    • ‘Property prises in Copenhagen are on a level with many European cities but properties are relatively large.’
    • ‘The city council hopes that the new project will put Prague on a level with Vienna, with its many top museums and art galleries.’
    • ‘Wagner, whose significance to our culture is on a level with Shakespeare or Da Vinci, was a composer whose opinions were neither modest nor moderate.’
    • ‘I'm a big believer in travelling country wide to play teams who are on a level with you.’
    • ‘We've got a lot of goalscorers in our squad and we are putting ourselves on a level with everyone else in this division.’
    as good as, comparable with, in the same class as, in the same league as, equivalent to, much the same as, equal to, a match for, on a level with, on an equal footing with, of the same standard as
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