Definition of on a (silver) platter in English:

on a (silver) platter


  • Used to indicate that someone receives or achieves something with little or no effort.

    ‘they certainly don't give everything to you on a silver platter’
    • ‘You couldn't give me either collection on a silver platter, but they obviously mean something to the collector and I respect that.’
    • ‘Do they expect us to surrender our lives on a silver platter?’
    • ‘In an age where most Bollywood stars would kill for a role in a Hollywood film, the opportunity has come on a platter for Satish Kaushik.’
    • ‘But the press wasn't interested in making it happen, even though Dean was serving up the chance on a silver platter.’
    • ‘The opportunity to overthrow the Labour budget was handed to them on a silver platter and they lacked the courage to accept it.’
    • ‘‘Students think they can have their education handed to them on a silver platter,’ Tarragon said.’
    • ‘He has handed it on a silver platter to the sporting public in the UK that even those in Wales and Scotland dismissive of silver spoons and mad dogs and Englishmen, can't fail to warm to.’
    • ‘This time, he followed it up with a better-thought out statement which, really, handed the Republicans an attack on a silver platter.’
    • ‘The young already have a terrible problem with entitlement - they all seem to believe that life's riches should come handed to them on a silver platter and that work is for morons.’
    • ‘A great achiever, Dr Kalam says that success does not come on a platter.’