Definition of on (or on to) all fours in English:

on (or on to) all fours


  • On (or on to) hands and knees or (of an animal) on all four legs rather than just the hind ones.

    ‘Frankie scuttled away on all fours’
    • ‘Finally, roll over on to all fours to a stable table-like position with your hands and knees about shoulder width apart.’
    • ‘This involves going into a standing split, which I easily can do, with the operated leg out behind me, and then sinking on to all fours on the other knee.’
    • ‘Go on to all fours (as above) ensuring your shoulders are above your wrists and your hips are above your knees.’
    • ‘I began to get pushy feelings at the end of each contraction, so I got off the loo and on to all fours on the bathroom floor.’
    • ‘The ground shook violently as the bear crashed down on to all fours.’
    • ‘Come on to all fours in a neutral table top position.’
    • ‘Many babies pull themselves over on to all fours and start to crawl.’
    • ‘Begin the series by coming on to all fours with the wrists underneath the shoulders and the knees underneath the hips.’
    • ‘The bear dropped back on to all fours and I thought it was going to come at me, kill me.’
    • ‘Occasionally she almost gets on to all fours, but then sits down again.’