Definition of on (or off) camera in English:

on (or off) camera


  • While being filmed or televised (or not being filmed or televised)

    ‘he had used a four-letter word off camera’
    ‘on camera, she was error-prone and nervous’
    • ‘However, that doesn't stop the 26-year-old actor from helping out with his friend's painting and decorating business when he's off camera.’
    • ‘This protest was caught on camera by the BBC, and subsequently aired on the local news.’
    • ‘But even when there is no overt sexuality on camera, a film set is a very sexualized place.’
    • ‘You will find hardly any improvising on camera anywhere in my films.’
    • ‘A man gestured to the reporter off camera and handed her a paper.’
    • ‘However, the most hair-raising part of the film took place off camera.’
    • ‘This programme will focus on the people and places caught on camera.’
    • ‘BBC Berkshire is offering Berkshire people the chance to have their say on camera.’
    • ‘When she was on camera and I was off camera, they gave my samurai sword to a stuntman.’
    • ‘David admits to being amazed himself by the behaviour caught on camera for the first time.’