Definition of on-board in English:



  • 1attributive Available or situated on a ship, aircraft, or other vehicle.

    ‘on-board catering staff’
    ‘the on-board computer controls all critical functions on the ship’
    • ‘Airlines will no longer provide steak knives for on-board food service.’
    • ‘No self-respecting luxury car maker puts out a new model these days without a talking on-board navigation system, guided by GPS.’
    • ‘On this occasion, despite her capable sonar system and the on-board diving team which can work to depths of up to 80 metres, the ship was unable to locate the mine.’
    • ‘Accuracy will be improved by on-board navigation systems and the ‘smart’ terminal guidance of their munitions.’
    • ‘Visitors will be able to sample what life was like for sailors in the 18th century with on-board displays until the ship sets sail again on June 14.’
    • ‘Gin palaces are readily available, with direct transfer to on-board heli-pads if you're feeling affluent.’
    • ‘That was more of a course correction than her on-board navigational system could handle.’
    • ‘Sightseers will be able to watch as several of the tall ships, lit with special on-board searchlights, arrive at Albert Dock on the evening tide on August 21.’
    • ‘On 8 September the craft suddenly lost its direction control and it was three minutes before the on-board gyroscopes could regain it.’
    • ‘The four on-board gyroscopes have now experienced and measured relativistic effects for eight months.’
    • ‘Apart from numerous stowage spaces for on-board clutter there is also a second rear view mirror positioned to ensure you can keep an eye on younger charges in the rear seats.’
    • ‘They also trigger on-board sirens or recorder warnings drawing the attention of neighboring boaters.’
    • ‘This week, engineers shut down one of the three on-board gyroscopes, leaving the telescope to operate on only two.’
    • ‘But most of the detailed measurements were taken by her on-board submersibles Mir 1 and Mir 2.’
    • ‘Hooters Air passengers have enjoyed their on-board experience so much that they want to take a piece of their flight home with them.’
    • ‘Military pilots manage complex on-board systems and have limited ability to watch for civilian traffic.’
    • ‘I have touched on the dangers that hacking into on-board flight systems on aeroplanes could do.’
    • ‘To make sure all these features are running smoothly, the vehicles even have on-board diagnostic systems.’
    • ‘An on-board sky marshal detained the individual and the plane landed safely.’
    • ‘The spin axes of the on-board gyroscopes should drift minutely if the dragging effect occurs.’
  • 2attributive Denoting or controlled from a facility or feature incorporated into the main circuit board of a computer or computerized device.

    ‘there's 8GB of onboard memory’
    • ‘It also ships with on-board instant messaging software.’
    • ‘This controls all the on-board peripherals such as LCD driver, IR transceiver, button reader, audio transducer and vibrator.’
    • ‘It ships with 32MB of on-board memory - though there's an add-in slot for more - USB connector and a pair of earphones.’
    • ‘A CCD camera and on-board recorder records the image of the head-up display throughout the mission.’
    • ‘However, Mariner 9 was the first craft to carry an on-board computer allowing mission control to reload new instructions.’
    • ‘This approach has the advantage of avoiding the mass and power consumption required by a high-capacity on-board computer.’
    • ‘Both support Linux in firmware which boots directly at power on, along with dual on-board Ethernet controllers and remote administration.’
    • ‘So why should one buy a dedicated sound card if on-board solutions provide satisfactory features?’
    • ‘Calibration is performed via software using on-board digital potentiometers and trim D / A converters.’
    • ‘Customers are also able to develop their own software by downloading software to the on-board RAM.’
    • ‘The Alchemy line of SoCs feature built on LCD controllers, on-board memory controllers and have been designed for low-power systems.’
    • ‘These sounds are re-assembled from memory of the on-board storage device in the listener vehicle.’
    • ‘Both controllers are also available as on-board chips.’
    • ‘It's not a top-of-the-range solution, but no other motherboard manufacturer currently offers a better on-board audio sub-system.’
    • ‘In addition, the payload (a digital camera) interfaces with the on-board computer.’
    • ‘Likewise, using the controller card versus the on-board IDE channels did not affect sustained transfer rates in any way.’
    • ‘The board includes enough on-board I / O to satisfy many common machine or automation tasks.’
    • ‘We have a new system with a dual-channel, on-board SCSI controller.’
    • ‘Audio facilities aren't a great improvement, and the on-board sound card can do little with the speaker set.’
    • ‘Each end-user receives a token, a USB-based device and some on-board software.’


[with object]
  • Go through procedures to effectively integrate (a new employee) into an organization or familiarize (a new customer or client) with one's products or services.

    ‘this data has tremendous value in helping to onboard new hires and manage their performance’
    ‘my focus has been restructuring how we do things when we onboard a client’
    • ‘But as soon as we onboarded more content oriented clients, a single machine was not scaling well for us.’
    • ‘The website redesign offers a streamlined and more intuitive user experience which onboards customers twice as fast as before.’
    • ‘We are delighted to have onboarded such a talented pool of individuals who will be vital in helping the company evolve to the next phase of its growth.’
    • ‘The customer care provider revealed that it has now onboarded 40,000 customers in 140 countries who touch 300 million people.’
    • ‘The ultimate goal is to make it simple to get users onboarded and authorized quickly.’
    • ‘If you invest the time upfront, find the right hires and onboard them effectively, then you won't run into many problems leading the team.’
    • ‘As the company onboards more people who aren't interested in tweeting, just browsing, they will benefit from sites like #Music being broken out.’
    • ‘Better still, come find us at one of the events below and we'll onboard you on the spot.’
    • ‘We did an interview with Ralph about finding good IT professionals, onboarding new people and improving your recruitment process.’
    • ‘He specializes in helping companies hire the right sales people, effectively onboard them, and align their activities with business objectives.’