Definition of omnium gatherum in English:

omnium gatherum


  • A collection of miscellaneous people or things.

    ‘an omnium gatherum of anecdotes’
    • ‘The author of this omnium gatherum of tulip lore comments that this practice was ‘no stranger than the alchemists' own attempts to turn base metal into gold.’
    • ‘The omnium gatherum style of the CDF is vulnerable.’
    • ‘Her modalities of alcohol usage come across as something of an omnium gatherum: precolonial, rural ceremonial, or gift exchange, rural commoditized drinking, urban working- and middle-class drinking, and urban elite drinking.’
    • ‘To put it more bluntly: Did her writings exhibit any doctrine at all, or Were they simply an omnium gatherum of pious poetry, saccharine playlets, and florid ‘spiritual’ writing?’
    • ‘Academe was an omnium gatherum; it was a Humboldtian article of faith that all knowledge was essentially one; the polymath amateur was the role model if not the norm.’
    • ‘Disrupting Time is an omnium gatherum on familiar Hauerwasian themes, ranging in style from the incisive to the outrageous to the whimsical.’
    mixture, blend, mingling, combination, compound, fusion, composition, concoction, brew, alloy, merger, union, amalgamation, amalgam, coalition, cross, hybrid
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Early 16th century: mock Latin, from Latin omnium ‘of all’ and gather + the Latin suffix -um.


omnium gatherum

/ˌɒmnɪəm ˈɡaðərəm/