Definition of omniscience in English:



mass noun
  • The state of knowing everything.

    ‘the notion of divine omniscience’
    ‘his reputation for near omniscience and infallibility’
    • ‘Rumours of his omniscience were demoralizing.’
    • ‘I'm making a sweeping claim not out of omniscience but wild enthusiasm.’
    • ‘I'm not one of those reviewers claiming omniscience.’
    • ‘Please note that I am not claiming omniscience, just trying to formulate my own ideas that other people can use for comparison.’
    • ‘He apparently possesses some type of economic omniscience, lacking in the rest of the general public.’
    • ‘He eschews technical jargon and any pretence of omniscience, providing instead an intimate, heartfelt account of his experiences.’
    • ‘His omniscience was absolute.’
    • ‘One does not always like to brag about her omniscience.’
    • ‘If he directed with a slightly increased sense of omniscience, he could become one of the top commercial directors.’
    • ‘Many traditional historians have credited him with an almost divine omniscience.’