Definition of omnipresent in English:



  • 1Widely or constantly encountered; widespread:

    ‘the omnipresent threat of natural disasters’
    • ‘The flip side is the omnipresent street and its constant call to Michel.’
    • ‘Everything that seemed so natural, so omnipresent, suddenly appeared so fresh and new.’
    • ‘The clouds were omnipresent, threatening to pour down some terrible precipitation at the slightest provocation.’
    • ‘King's recommendations to women are in line with the sense of omnipresent threat and moral panic that he projects.’
    • ‘Because the sensors will likely be omnipresent, such networks represent a potential threat to personal privacy.’
    • ‘How is it that among people of today who are so radically divergent in other ways, the traditional family is omnipresent, universal?’
    • ‘Security is omnipresent and it is naturally discriminatory, often profiling people of the same ethnic community as the rebels.’
    • ‘The drone of generators providing power for the service temporarily replaced the omnipresent roar of heavy machinery.’
    • ‘Maintaining the constant, omnipresent state of uncertainty is key to the shepherd's flock-management trick.’
    • ‘They are commonplace, inanimate, drab, rough, omnipresent, thoroughly boring and often a nuisance.’
    • ‘The threat of being dumped by the supermarkets is omnipresent, but as one farmer put it; ‘They have us at ransom.’’
    • ‘Myrna said that it was a depressing scene, with heavy smoke and the omnipresent threat of losing everything.’
    • ‘Once we build cities we then can escape the cities and are moved to tears by the raw natural power of the wildness far from our heavy omnipresent structures.’
    • ‘This reinforces the impression that globalisation is an omnipresent quality.’
    • ‘Believe it or not, this is the first time I've ever encountered the omnipresent Dora series.’
    • ‘Without our help the children might grow up in a world without the tender loving care of an omnipresent advertising-media complex.’
    • ‘What took thirty years to develop has become omnipresent and universally useful in just the last five years.’
    • ‘As your character is a Jedi, the threat of falling to the Dark Side is omnipresent.’
    • ‘But there is a dedicated group of freedom fighters trying to protect us from the dark forces of global capitalism and that omnipresent Nike swoosh.’
    • ‘Although now scarce in it's original form, it's ability to lend itself to interpretation is what has made the Blues so infinite and omnipresent.’
    present everywhere, ubiquitous, general, universal, worldwide, global, all-pervasive, all-present, infinite, boundless
    rife, prevalent, predominant, common, extensive, wide-ranging, far-reaching
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    1. 1.1 (of God) present everywhere at the same time.
      • ‘According to the poet, Lord Ganesha, the Onkar-shaped omnipresent god, is the bestower of all kinds of boons.’
      • ‘The gods were omnipresent but they were not necessarily obeyed.’
      • ‘The One is the ultimate omnipresent Essence of the Universe.’
      pervasive, pervading, permeating
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Early 17th century: from medieval Latin omnipraesent-.