Definition of omentum in English:



  • A fold of peritoneum connecting the stomach with other abdominal organs.

    • ‘More than 50 cases have been reported since its first description by Kariminejad and Scully.1 However, only 5 cases were reported to be malignant, with metastases found in the omentum, liver, or lung.’
    • ‘Several small 2-to 3-cm satellite tumor nodules were present in both lobes of the liver and in the omentum.’
    • ‘Then, 2 years after this recurrence, the tumor again recurred in the liver, with additional spread to the ovary and omentum / abdominal cavity, with no evidence of either intestinal or appendiceal tumor.’
    • ‘Intraoperative fine needle aspirates of the pancreas, as well as biopsies from the omentum and regional lymph nodes, were negative for malignancy.’
    • ‘Metastatic tumor was present in the bilateral lungs, liver, omentum, bones, bilateral adrenal glands, abdominal lymph nodes, and liver.’
    • ‘Gliomatosis peritonei is a miliary implantation of mature glial tissue on the omentum and peritoneum associated with ovarian teratomas.’
    • ‘Tissue analyzed at the Tyler, TX, laboratory included right and left lung, omentum, and mesentery from each patient.’
    • ‘We report a case of recurrent prostate adenocarcinoma presenting as bowel obstruction due to widespread metastatic disease in the omentum and peritoneum.’
    • ‘Neither pelvic endometriosis nor metastases in the omentum, peritoneum, and/or appendix were noted.’
    • ‘Examples of earlier methods include one researcher's use of omentopexy, which is the fixation of the omentum to an adjacent organ, reported in 1935 and another researcher's use of thoracic artery implantation reported in 1954.’
    • ‘Origin of GISTs from precursor cells would also better explain their described occurrence in the omentum and mesentery without involvement of the tubular gastrointestinal tract.25’
    • ‘The surgeon bluntly dissected all detected adhesions from the omentum on the duodenum into the gallbladder and dissected the gallbladder free.’
    • ‘The omentum, peritoneal ligaments, and celiac vessel and its tributaries provide additional support.’
    • ‘The lesser omentum contains the left gastric artery, a branch of the celiac artery, and the right gastric branch of the hepatic artery.’
    • ‘Herniated bowel (stomach, small bowel, colon) and solid viscera (liver, omentum, spleen) are seen in the ipsilateral hemithorax causing mediastinal shift.’
    • ‘If the cyst is found to be cancerous, you may need more serious treatment to remove both of the ovaries, the uterus, a fold of fatty tissue called the omentum and some lymph nodes.’
    • ‘Five years following initial diagnosis, this patient developed recurrence in the liver with distant spread to the omentum, abdominal cavity, and ovary without evidence for either an intestinal or appendiceal tumor.’
    • ‘Diagnostic laparoscopy was performed, which revealed dilated veins in the omentum and falciform ligament, a nodular liver, and a mass in the right lower quadrant.’
    • ‘The omentum and mesentery were also thickened and adherent to the viscera.’
    • ‘While we do not choose to comment on chrysotile clearance from the lung, we note that chrysotile fibers reached the omentum and/or mesentery in 25% of the cases.’


Late Middle English: from Latin.