Definition of ombrotrophic in English:



  • (of a bog or its vegetation) dependent on atmospheric moisture for its nutrients.

    • ‘Ombrotrophic peat bogs, which are quite common in temperate regions, receive chemical compounds only from the atmosphere.’
    • ‘Ombrotrophic peats in northern England and Scotland, close to industrial areas, have substantial contents of potentially toxic metals (Al, Ni, Cu, Zn, Cd and Pb) and of pollutant sulphur, all derived from atmospheric deposition.’
    • ‘Nutrient enrichment by marine aerosols has been associated with the occurrence of poor fen species in ombrotrophic bogs of coastal Maine, and may be responsible for the somewhat unusual vegetation of Lily Fen.’
    • ‘Of the types of peatlands that form this ‘living history book’, the ombrotrophic or ‘rain-fed’ raised bogs are most distinctive.’
    • ‘This is particularly so if one discounts studies of the pollutant susceptibilities of Sphagnum mosses growing on peat in ombrotrophic mires.’