Definition of olivette in English:



  • A small oval weight threaded on a fishing line.

    • ‘I have over the years replaced bulk shot with tungsten olivettes.’
    • ‘You will also need some olivettes for rigs over 0.75 gram, as these will reduce the amount of shot required on the line.’
    • ‘The tungsten olivette is placed about 2ft from the hook.’
    • ‘Below the olivette I place a couple of number 6 shot spaced out.’
    • ‘Remember to get some big olivettes as well as these perform much better than a string of shot.’
    • ‘A tungsten olivette is used as a main weight with a small dropper shot between the olivette and the hook. To fish this lake, I would first bait up with some hemp with a few hook bait samples close in, in not more than 6ft of water.’
    • ‘The olivette is more dense and streamlined than split shot.’
    • ‘The modern crow-quill polystyrene bodied Avon float with these tungsten olivettes make a very effective fast water float that is easily used.’
    • ‘Put the bulk shot or an olivette about 18 inches from the hook and a dropper about 8 inches from the hook.’
    • ‘The float is cocked with a tungsten olivette placed about 18 inches from the hook with two number 6 shot as droppers to improve bait presentation.’
    • ‘On the Thames, these floats are used with a small tungsten olivette placed near the hook to be fished over-depth and held back.’
    • ‘However they used tungsten olivettes instead of shot to stop the fish taking the shot, as they can mistake shot for hemp.’


Early 19th century (in the sense ‘an oval button or bead’).