Definition of olive brown in English:

olive brown


mass noun
  • A dull shade of yellowish brown.

    ‘smears of sepia and olive brown’
    as modifier ‘a beautiful olive-brown beetle’
    • ‘Colour varies, but is usually olive-brown above with green or yellow tinges and darker mottling.’
    • ‘His hair was black and his skin a dark olive brown like her own.’
    • ‘The females tend to be larger and relatively smoother-skinned than males and are olive-brown to reddish-brown on top, with a paler white or yellowish belly.’
    • ‘Its belly was yellow, its head grey, the lower portion of its breast black as night, its wings and back a drab olive-brown.’
    • ‘Mottled, pale, olive brown and massive bioturbated muds extend up to 2.00 m in thickness.’
    • ‘Externally, it is pale olive-brown or olive-gray in color with a coarse surface, and may be covered with a thin coating consisting of poppy leave fragments, or with fruits of a species of Rumex adhering from the packing.’
    • ‘Kira opened her emerald eyes to slits and looked through them at the olive-brown face of an older man with curly black hair and wide round eyes as green as her own.’
    • ‘Tourmaline with olive-brown cores and dark red rims was found as stubby crystals up to 4 cm in length.’
    • ‘Surface sediments comprise olive-brown silty and clayey muds, diatom-bearing silty clays, dropstone sandy mud, gravelly mud and rare massive muddy diamicton, all with low shear strengths.’
    • ‘The next stage, the yellow eel, is the adult form that lives in freshwater; color ranges from yellow to olive-brown.’
    • ‘Eggs are smooth, white or light blue with gray or olive-brown spots and range in size from 19 to 23 by 13 to 17 mm.’
    • ‘Ditch the umbrella and keep dry in this full length, olive brown raincoat by Weatherproof.’
    • ‘The carapace is olive brown to black, while the plastron is pale yellow to creamy white.’
    • ‘The overall body colour is a reddish or olive brown, and there are several dark transverse bands along its length.’
    • ‘A single olive brown hand came up and rested on his brother's cheek.’
    • ‘That could be an eastern phoebe, if it's mostly a soft gray color, or maybe a least flycatcher, if it's more olive brown.’
    • ‘The male in breeding plumage is distinctive, with olive-brown sides and a black back accented with white stripes down the middle of a few long feathers.’
    • ‘Well, Saturday and Sunday I managed to sit in the glorious sunshine and turn a delightful pink colour, but that has now gone to a dark olive brown.’
    • ‘The Tanganyika water cobra is a large snake; it is well over a metre long, has a yellow-brown to light olive brown upper body colour and cream-white underneath.’
    • ‘Her skin was darker than Lily's - it was hard not to have darker skin - and smooth, an olive brown color that was much more pleasing to the eyes than the manufactured, tanning bed look I so despised.’