Definition of oliguric in English:



  • See oliguria

    • ‘Progression to oliguric or anuric renal failure is rare, with recovery on discontinuation of aminoglycosides the most common outcome.’
    • ‘Hepatorenal syndrome is an acute oliguric renal failure resulting from intense intrarenal vasoconstriction in otherwise normal kidneys.’
    • ‘Within 12 hours he was hypotensive, oliguric, tachypnoeic, increasingly drowsy, and confused.’
    • ‘Diuretics are frequently given to treat acute oliguric renal failure, but the response to diuretics in this setting may actually be a marker for severe disease rather than a valid response to therapy.’
    • ‘Historically, nonoliguric renal failure has been assumed to have a better outcome than oliguric renal failure.’
    • ‘Hepatorenal syndrome, defined as oliguric renal failure in a patient with advanced liver disease, is caused by reduced renal perfusion.’
    • ‘The serum creatinine was elevated at 3.9 mg/dL, urinalysis revealed hematuria without casts, and the patient was oliguric on pressors.’
    • ‘Co-administration with dopamine at a dose of 2-3 mcg/kg/min. may counteract the oliguric effect of indomethacin.’
    • ‘About one half of the fatalities occur during the subsequent oliguric phase, with fatalities primarily due to renal failure.’
    • ‘More often, however, volume overload is present, especially if patients are oliguric or anuric.’
    • ‘The classic presentation of poststreptococcal glomerulonephritis is a full-blown nephritic syndrome with oliguric acute renal failure.’
    • ‘The longer it takes for rehydration to be initiated, the more likely it is that oliguric renal failure (less than 500 ml of urine per day) or anuric renal failure (less than 50 ml of urine per day) will be established.’
    • ‘The intravenous dye used during angiography can precipitate acute oliguric renal failure in patients with early renal impairment.’
    • ‘If infant is anuric or oliguric, think about dehydration, sepsis, renal abnormalities, or obstruction.’
    • ‘Two days after would repair, she underwent hemodialysis for oliguric acute renal failure with severe volume overload and hyperkalemia.’
    • ‘Continuous dose furosemide improves short term outcomes and seems to reduce the incidence of oliguric renal failure and thereby improves survival to hospital discharge.’
    • ‘Little electrolyte free water was excreted in the index oliguric patient.’