Definition of oliguria in English:



mass nounMedicine
  • The production of abnormally small amounts of urine.

    • ‘Hospital admission is required if parenteral analgesics are required, if persistent vomiting prevents adequate oral hydration, if pyelonephritis is suspected, or if patient has elevated BUN and creatinine, oliguria, or anuria.’
    • ‘In non-fatal cases recovery was complete and occurred within a further 3 h. There were no gastrointestinal or renal symptoms such as diarrhoea, anuria, oliguria or haematuria during the entire period of observation.’
    • ‘The patient was observed closely, and although there was a short period of oliguria and hematuria, these were thought to be related to underlying clinical problems and not to the transfusion.’
    • ‘Patients with severe oliguria or anuria (output of less than 100 ml of urine per day) are likely to have postrenal acute renal failure.’
    • ‘A dwindling urine output progressing to oliguria is the renal manifestation of ACS, even when blood pressure is normal.’
    • ‘Hypoperfusion and perfusion abnormalities may include, but are not limited to, lactic acidosis, oliguria, or an acute alteration in mental status.’
    • ‘However, these measures should not be employed if oliguria is established despite initial generous hydration with normal saline.’
    • ‘Chronic renal failure with oliguria or anuria complicates fluid management during critical illnesses, particularly when cardiac disease coexists.’
    • ‘After surgery she deteriorated noticeably with oliguria, disseminated intravascular coagulation, respiratory distress, bleeding duodenal ulcer, sepsis, and Clostridium difficile diarrhoea.’
    • ‘The etiology of preeclampsia is unknown, but widespread pathologic changes can result in pulmonary edema, oliguria, seizures, thrombocytopenia, and abnormal liver enzymes.’
    • ‘The peripheral vasoconstriction also causes impairment of renal function, manifested either as oliguria or anuria.’
    • ‘Albumin administration to patients with hypovolemia related to vascular leak after interleukin - 2 therapy reduces oliguria compared with crystalloids (II-A).’
    • ‘More subtle symptoms include mild digestive disturbances, periodic oliguria or edema, and mild intermittent dyspnea.’
    • ‘Abnormal hemorrhage, hyperbilirubinemia and oliguria are late findings.’
    • ‘Renal function was closely monitored, and oliguria regressed in three patients with appropriate hemodynamic support.’
    • ‘Other features of severe preeclampsia include oliguria, cerebral or visual disturbances, and pulmonary edema or cyanosis.’
    • ‘She experienced progressive oliguria and died 2 weeks after the cerebral infarction and 1 year 8 months after the diagnoses of HHT and bile duct cancer.’
    • ‘She developed abdominal distension, oliguria, acidosis, elevated blood urea nitrogen and creatinine.’
    • ‘The clinical features of severe disease include visual defects, severe headaches, seizures, altered consciousness, cerebrovascular accidents, severe right upper quadrant abdominal pain, congestive heart failure, and oliguria.’
    • ‘It is usually initiated when systolic blood pressure falls below 90 and there is evidence of hypoperfusion (eg, mental status changes, oliguria, poor tissue perfusion).’