Definition of oligopolist in English:



  • See oligopoly

    • ‘Having just been rebuffed by the Senate Judiciary Committee on the Induce Act, the entertainment oligopolists now demand that the Supreme Court rewrite the Copyright Act for them.’
    • ‘What other ways can an oligopolist legally and ethically be aware of its competitors?’
    • ‘We derive corrective tax rules when firms are oligopolists whose production processes generate emissions that add to a stock of pollution that accumulates over time.’
    • ‘The problem with this expanded property creation scheme, he (rather lamely) suggests, is that the property being created is gobbled up by a few rapacious oligopolists.’
    • ‘A branch of game theory deals with the ‘Prisoner's Dilemma’ which can be related to the behaviour of two competing oligopolists.’
    • ‘Oligopolists increase price by distorting output decisions, causing cross-firm production inefficiencies.’
    • ‘One oligopolist can move markets in the short run but usually pays a heavy financial price in the longer run.’
    • ‘The flourishing real economy that produces goods and services for human needs, and the earnings of the productive capital further enlarged the huge profits of the oligopolists.’
    • ‘Explicit pricing agreements are illegal, so oligopolists must depend on tacit understandings to maintain pricing discipline.’
    • ‘Price wars between oligopolists can be very expensive to participants, so there is a tendency to find alternative ways to compete for customers, such as free gifts, coupons, added value offers, and sponsorship activities.’
    • ‘So, to the extent you're worried about oligopolists increasing prices, bigness isn't the problem - ownership of ‘competing’ brands is the problem.’
    • ‘The legal confrontation will pit a small group of powerful, technophobic oligopolists against a hip, youthful army of digital sophisticates - who are the very heart of the companies' consumer base.’
    • ‘The transformation of Electricité de France and its sister company Gaz de France from state-owned monopolists to state-controlled oligopolists is at last under way.’
    • ‘Monopolist Microsoft and oligopolist General Electric - the co-owners of MSNBC - took their highest rated show off the air and sent the talk show host away on February 25, 2003.’
    • ‘She finally ruled in February 2001, but not after questioning out loud whether the oligopolists had a right to maintain their traditional cartel into the distribution of online music, too.’
    • ‘Canada's distilling industry achieved concentration within the industry through horizontal integration or numerous mergers which created large conglomerates where oligopolist firms dominated.’
    • ‘The oligopolists themselves will almost inevitably have different cost levels; they may be producing differentiated goods and will usually command at least some consumer loyalty; and their market shares will not be equal.’
    • ‘We show that there exists a time-independent tax rule that guides polluting oligopolists to achieve the socially optimum production path.’
    • ‘But the oligopolists of culture are running out of alternatives.’
    • ‘If an oligopolist decreases his price even slightly, competitors are likely to do the same in order to avoid losing business (customers are likely to be highly attracted to the new lower price).’