Definition of oligomerize in English:


(also oligomerise)


[with object]Chemistry
  • Join a number of molecules of (a monomer) together to form an oligomer.

    • ‘In addition, the high propensity of lead to oligomerize syt II offers a possible molecular explanation for how lead interferes with calcium-evoked neurotransmitter release.’
    • ‘It will be interesting to verify whether CBD sites have the same critical role in proteins that do not oligomerize, when their representation in public databases will be sufficient to allow an analysis similar to that presented here.’
    • ‘Following that nucleation step, silencing spreads along the chromosome, as observed or proposed for related systems and as supported by the fact that Swi6 can oligomerize and cover large chromosomal regions.’
    • ‘First, the tetrameric structure of the protein and the propensity of tetramers to oligomerize further into aggregates impeded its utility as a fusion partner.’
    • ‘Our control experiment indicated that all membrane-associated lysenin was oligomerized under the experimental conditions.’
    • ‘Two possibilities are that peptide inserts as a monomer and transposes its environment to initiate aggregation into oligomers/protofibrils or that the peptide oligomerizes and then inserts into membranes to stabilize itself.’
    • ‘The melting of unlabeled Mg-G-actin could not be measured reliably because of its tendency to oligomerize at concentrations much lower than those used in the DSC.’
    • ‘The monomers oligomerize after insertion into the bilayer.’
    • ‘We were interested in exploring this possibility, to confirm whether LPPs can oligomerise, and if they do, whether oligomerisation is required for either in vitro or in vivo activity.’
    • ‘Ply-tnb retained the ability to bind to the phospholipid membrane but lacked the ability to oligomerize, confirming that the processes of cell binding and oligomerization are functionally separate.’
    • ‘Catalytic composition and process for oligomerising ethylene in particular to 1-butene and/or 1-hexene’
    • ‘In this case the channels are largely composed of naturally occurring Lys and Ser residues that form alpha helices and are engineered to oligomerize through specific residue interactions.’
    • ‘When they are oligomerized by a gold particle or by liganding, they have a much lower chance of crossing a picket line, due to the increased interactions with the anchored membrane-protein pickets.’
    • ‘However, the binding of CypA to oligomerized His 6 CA allows for this change.’
    • ‘ABSTRACT We have used an in vitro system that mimics the assembly of immature Moloney murine leukemia virus (M-MuLV) particles to examine how viral structural proteins oligomerize at membrane interfaces.’
    • ‘Though the conditions are far from those present when a connexin molecule oligomerizes into a functional gap junction in a mammalian cell, Cx43CT oligomerization did not exceed that which occurs in a connexon.’
    • ‘Taken together, these data suggest that in solution PLC-Gγ dimers further oligomerize to a higher order species such as tetramers.’
    • ‘Both syt I and syt II studied in our laboratory have glycine at this position, yet only syt II was observed to oligomerize.’
    • ‘These results indicate that BD-M13 coat protein in the studied DOPC-containing bilayers does not oligomerize.’
    • ‘We conclude that VPU-TM tends to oligomerize as a pentamer under the present simulation conditions, which we postulate are representative of the accessible states of the protein.’