Definition of oldster in English:



North American
  • An older person.

    ‘dating agencies are gearing up for single oldsters who don't want to spend their twilight years alone’
    • ‘So any oldsters collecting benefits now wouldn't need to worry.’
    • ‘Their responses confirmed that the PT's appeal cuts across generations, from teens attuned to hipness, to oldsters who saw in the PT the chopped-and-channeled customs of their youth.’
    • ‘Waterford, on the other hand, is filled to the brim with overalls-wearing, Farmer's Almanac-wisdom-spouting oldsters and women who wear plaid flannel shirts with patches on the elbows.’
    • ‘Though curious in the eyes of the young, it will surely make a grand spectacle to have these oldsters, splendidly outfitted, gliding along surrounded by all the glitz and glamour of the 21st Century.’
    • ‘It was almost four in the afternoon when two oldsters faced off in the dusty tinku plaza, shuffling their feet almost shyly.’
    • ‘An array of characters came out of the woodwork, from diehard heads and tech dogs kickflipping halfway up the volcano to oldsters riding boards of late '80s vintage and little Polish kids pushing around.’
    • ‘The main benefit of social security reform, economically speaking, is not that it finds some previously untapped well of cash from which we can pay for our oldsters ' retirements.’
    • ‘Then come the convertibles, antique to kids but nostalgic for oldsters.’
    • ‘Osprey Ridge and Eagle Pines sweeten the deal for the oldsters.’
    • ‘More oldsters seem to be resisting direct deposit, the Associated Press reports.’
    • ‘And this feeling was borne out when I arrived and saw the crowd of mostly oldsters like myself, flying their freak flags the same as ever, only shinier.’
    • ‘Youngsters, and oldsters for that matter, have heroes and idols.’
    • ‘Another time I'd casually written that now I'd had the pleasure of ‘going out’ with a much younger man, I'd be very surprised if I ever reverted to my previous habit of dating oldsters.’
    • ‘Today I was wishing I had one of those giant families filled with colorful oldsters so I could call them up and ask them what it was they talked about on a day to day basis during WWII or the Korean War.’
    • ‘With a caring and supportive family around them, oldsters are better equipped to cope with failing eyesight, memory loss and other low-level ailments which can hugely impair quality of life.’
    • ‘Nowadays the oldsters were the men who fought the war.’
    • ‘It was sunny and crowded - kids in water parks, the tram trundling past, oldsters passing slowly in their loafers.’
    • ‘Scientists can't explain why these areas spawn healthier oldsters, but it may have to do with a more active, agrarian lifestyle, a diet rich in fish, and lower daily calorie counts.’
    • ‘What he likes about his oldsters is that ‘these are people who've been in love, read books, traveled, and simply lived in the world longer.’’
    • ‘This may sound like a tame enough enterprise to those whose memories are short, but oldsters of those parts will not have to be told that I was venturing into risky business.’


Early 19th century: from old, on the pattern of youngster.