Definition of old school in English:

old school


  • Used, usually approvingly, to refer to someone or something that is old-fashioned or traditional.

    ‘he was one of the old school of English gentlemen’
    • ‘Despite the rest of the family wanting this old lady interned in a hospital or hospice, my mother is of the old school.’
    • ‘I was under Bob at Queensland, a hard man from the old school, and a bigoted man.’
    • ‘A real old school gent, he even took the time to apologise when the blood got loud enough to be heard over the train noise.’
    • ‘Though politically an old school Tory, Howard Senior came to believe the British had got it wrong.’
    • ‘He had a good conference and is an excellent performer of the old school.’
    • ‘I am of the old school that wants centre-backs who can defend first and foremost.’
    • ‘Hibbert is a popular historian of the old school, reticent, scholarly and modest.’
    • ‘The artists of the old school, in particular the sonata playing of Glenn Gould and Yehudi Menuhin.’
    • ‘One of the old school army officers on a private income decided to learn Paragliding.’
    • ‘The era of the sozzled old school hack is drawing to a close and, eventually, there may be no one around to raise a glass to it.’
    • ‘He was an actor of the old school, his voice capable of uncommon levels of thrilling timbre.’
    • ‘He was a journalist of the old school, a reporter who once he got his teeth into a story wouldn't let go.’
    • ‘I thought this guy was great as he was a Japanese salary man of the old school.’
    • ‘He's of the old school, where your word is everything and a deal's a deal, which is rare these days.’
    unfashionable, out of style, no longer fashionable, old-fashioned, out of date, outdated, dated, outmoded, behind the times, last year's, superseded
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  • 1Having or adhering to old-fashioned values or ways.

    ‘the restaurant is an old-school brasserie of the Parisian model’
    • ‘That is the funniest aspect of Lion's act: his old-school faith in educating as well as entertaining his young charges.’
    • ‘Some of the digs at old-school European values and ideology particularly hit the mark.’
    • ‘The management are old-school, stern and take the business of pawky humour very seriously, and Donaldson fairly drives his men on.’
    • ‘The decor is old-school, the very definition of the word ‘boozer’.’
    • ‘Indeed, it's a very old-school Cowboys and Indians scenario.’
    • ‘So, are the world's most famous hotels still keeping their old-school glamour alive - or have they been slouched on their laurels for years now?’
    • ‘It's an old-school attitude that's very prevalent in football.’
    • ‘It is a definitely old-school dish, full of the larder ingredients of many hundreds of years ago - dried fruit, ale, spices, fat.’
    • ‘Reyes has his whole family here, and Fabregas, rather charmingly, lives in old-school digs with an Irish landlady.’
    • ‘Now, CH seems on the surface to be a very nice man indeed, although there was a little too much old-school servile behaviour on display from AS for my liking.’
    • ‘But maybe I'm just a bit old-school, and think it's better just to show the bare bones.’
    • ‘When Bernie falls in love, the chips in his life begin to fall into place, just as cards begin to get stacked against Shelly and his old-school values.’
    • ‘Maybe leather trenchcoats and old-school country values are too much of a mismatch.’
    • ‘Warren Evans is an old-school furniture maker, renowned for employing skilled, local craftspeople at his north London headquarters.’
    • ‘To be honest, they're probably not going to appeal to old-school Godiva fans, but they're nothing if not interesting.’
    • ‘What we have here is addictive old-school hokum, an American Gothic comic-strip with a whiff of Wise Blood to its lurid design.’
    • ‘Reyes is old-school but not old-fashioned, and has a keen sense for the highs and lows of a jazz tune.’
    • ‘Goni's grandfather was a ‘career diplomat imbued with an old-school sense of obedience’.’
    • ‘Fans and insiders alike rave about his mixture of old-school values and crazy athleticism.’
    • ‘Rather than come out in support of equal rights they would rather keep quiet, let the Lords to their dirty work, and avoid alienating their old-school supporters.’
    1. 1.1 Denoting or relating to a style or genre of popular music, especially rap or hip-hop, regarded as traditional or relatively uninfluenced by newer styles.
      • ‘Well, most of the time it is, but the occasional lapse into fairly standard old-school hardcore detracts little from a record bursting with focused energy.’
      • ‘There's a talent in distinguishing which old-school tune has the bass and catchy guitar riff to place firmly in a rapper's rhyming game.’
      • ‘While these albums are obviously old-school crackly, they don't feel dated or nostalgic.’
      • ‘Singing about awful things in a beautiful carefree manner is the essence of old-school jazz and blues, and Amy Winehouse has really got the hang of it.’
      • ‘Let's not forget the music, namely old-school hip hop and house spun by DJs Andy, 4Play and Slipmat.’
      • ‘In this hour-long mix, Milo breaks from old-school hip hop to electro to disco, funk and soul.’
      • ‘It's also a satisfying party-starter, hinting at a classic Motown style courtesy of some funky old-school guitar riffs.’
      • ‘The first begins like an old-school Motown jam, with a drum-fill straight into Northern Soul stomp.’
      • ‘Once they signed her, however, Uptown was unsure how to market Blige, whose music straddled the genres of modern hip-hop and old-school soul.’
      • ‘This is old-school, pastiche hip-hop, right down to the James Brown samples.’
      • ‘It's classic house, funk, disco, old-school hip hop and R&B all night, so get ready to groove.’
      • ‘The track feels classic in style and distinctly old-school, yet fun with it.’
      • ‘Their style ranges from speedy, old-school punk rock to more complex folksy rhythms, and it's all good.’
      • ‘Shifting Gears begins with the feel of an old-school party album.’
      • ‘For the sound effects, Namco has opted to use old-school style sound bytes from previous Pac-Man games, along with the normal ones.’
      • ‘Combining hip hop sensibilities with old-school savvy, the trio delves into the male/female conundrum with a vengeance.’
      • ‘Expect soul, funk, old-school hip hop, R&B and reggae though, in case you were wondering where they were coming from.’
      • ‘The group manages to appeal to the death metal crowd as much as black metal fans, old-school thrashers and new-school hardcore kids.’
      • ‘The old school Hip hop world is a lot more interesting and fun and cool and I prefer that to the new stuff.’
      • ‘They start with a piece of old-school guitar noise that's more than reminiscent of ‘White Heat, White Light’.’


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