Definition of old people's home in English:

old people's home


  • An institution providing accommodation and care for elderly people.

    ‘she works as a cook in a local old people's home’
    • ‘The hotel has now been changed to an old peoples home.’
    • ‘Some of the local old peoples homes let their tenants keep pets.’
    • ‘The murals are housed in what was originally planned as an old peoples home.’
    • ‘The local hospital or old peoples home may be pleased to accept cut flowers.’
    • ‘Grandma lives in an old peoples home.’
    • ‘Stick our pensions offshore and get Butlins to build and run old peoples homes.’
    • ‘A lady wrote to me from an old peoples home.’
    • ‘The council gave up housing, leisure services, old peoples homes, architecture and many other services.’
    • ‘We performed in schools, old peoples homes, borstals and prisons.’
    • ‘She had frequented old peoples homes and hospital wards literally since she was a few days old.’