Definition of old girl in English:

old girl


  • 1A former female student of a school or college.

    ‘one of the college's most famous old girls’
    • ‘Famous old girls include Harriet Harman, constitutional affairs minister, and Rosalind Franklin, the DNA pioneer.’
    • ‘This was followed on November 8 by a reunion lunch and tour for old girls.’
    • ‘The club is holding a 16th birthday reunion this Saturday at Matthew's Church Hall, Station Road, Redhill, and is inviting along all the old girls from the past.’
    • ‘Famous old girls and boys include actress Diana Rigg, Prime Minister Herbert Asquith and factory reformer Richard Oastler.’
    • ‘The former pupil, whose daughter is now a pupil at the school, tracked down old girls from the intervening years via internet websites.’
    • ‘Pupils at a York girl's school are celebrating the birthday of their most famous old girl - Oscar-winning actress Dame Judi Dench, who is 70 today.’
    • ‘Education is about aspiration, so these successful old girls prove what you can achieve.’
    • ‘Second chattiest in the land are the old girls of Wakefield Girls High - yesterday visited for a celebratory lunch by the Internet site's co-founder, Steve Pankhurst.’
    • ‘The Parktown and Westcliff Trust developed the garden, sponsored by old girls from the school and other donors.’
    • ‘Quite often, old girls will come back to talk to the current pupils.’
    • ‘As part of the 50th celebrations there is talk of a reunion, which is already causing a stir among old girls.’
    • ‘We're happy with the ethos of Laurel Park; my wife is an old girl of the school.’
    • ‘When Mrs Lee-Jones checked the dates she discovered that the two old girls ' birthdays were just a day apart - Isobel's on March 2 and Lily's on March 3.’
    • ‘The Education Secretary and Whalley Range High School old girl resigns saying she wasn't up to the job.’
    • ‘Now four of the old girls have met up and are trying to trace other year-group members and teachers for a reunion in Keighley on July 19.’
    • ‘The former pupil has made a film about the school's history, including interviews with old girls.’
    • ‘This year's event is at Barnes Sports Club in Lonsdale Road on Saturday, June 7th, where old girls will descend from all four corners of the globe.’
    • ‘She was not the only old girl disturbed by this portrayal of the school.’
    • ‘Janet, an old girl of Queen Anne School in York, was named best actress in a musical or comedy film for her performance as a Southern mum in Tumbleweeds.’
    1. 1.1 A former female member of a sports team or company.
      ‘other old girls of this magazine have done well’
      • ‘The past and present combine in the first act, during which overweight Stella and the old girls get together again in trying to remember a routine, which leaves them winded.’
      • ‘The old girl, I must say, has been a hardy sort, as she has had to be to come through what she has, but the passing of the years has not been flattering to her.’
      • ‘Thankfully the old girl fell away from the buildings.’
  • 2informal An elderly woman.

    ‘they're a couple of harmless old girls’
    • ‘No safety gear, but those old girls certainly have a strong grip.’
    • ‘My source told me of the time that he went to a retirement village with Kelly, and Kelly ended up playing the piano for the old girls in residence.’
    • ‘The old girl went, and the old girl is not going to come back.’
    1. 2.1 An affectionate form of address to a girl or woman.
      ‘he said, ‘Don't worry, old girl’’


old girl