Definition of old folks' home in English:

old folks' home


  • An institution providing accommodation and care for elderly people.

    ‘his father lives in an old folks' home’
    • ‘I'll be on i.v. tubes in the old folks home.’
    • ‘She could recount the story of this history-making encounter over tea while solving a mystery at the old folks home.’
    • ‘Go ahead, berate your parents, send them to an old folks home and forget to visit.’
    • ‘The aging baby-boom generation will not likely go quietly to the old folks home.’
    • ‘The school will find it's been subsidising the lunches of the nearest old folks home.’
    • ‘Your jug band could tour old folks homes, honky tonks and colleges.’
    • ‘There's a potential loss of "pay as you eat" income from residents in old folks homes.’
    • ‘We need this old folks home not just for South Ronaldsay but for Orkney.’
    • ‘It makes other shows sound like hospital radio in an old folks home.’
    • ‘I want to die in an old folks home not in a jail.’