Definition of Old Catholic in English:

Old Catholic


  • A member of a religious group which separated from the Roman Catholic Church after the time of the Reformation, especially the Church of Utrecht (which broke with Rome in 1724), and a number of German-speaking Churches which refused to accept papal infallibility after the First Vatican Council.

    • ‘These responses, indeed, have been very painful to the Orthodox, especially in regard to the Old Catholics and Anglicans.’
    • ‘The Old Catholic broke from Rome after Vatican I because they thought the dogma of papal infallibility was too big a development of doctrine.’
    • ‘One of the most fruitful bilateral dialogues has been with the Old Catholics.’
    • ‘The Old Catholics split with the Roman Catholic Church in 1870 over papal infallibility.’
    • ‘By the way, do note that the good bishop is an Old Catholic.’