Definition of old bean in English:

old bean


dated, informal
  • A friendly form of address to a man.

    ‘great to see you, old bean!’
    • ‘I always think of him saying something like ‘you simply have to, old bean, you simply have to!’’
    • ‘Sorry old bean, but I'm not up for ‘here are 50 questions for you to answer or explain why not’.’
    • ‘Nice try old bean, but you two won't escape me this time!’
    • ‘Jolly good swipe there old bean, don't mind at all that you took a chunk of my skin off with your hurley stick.’
    • ‘Nice to see you thinking outside the box, old bean.’
    • ‘I'm sorry, old bean, I'm just not going to accept those states as even proto-Socialist or pseudo-Marxian.’
    • ‘The Duke's a very wise old bean, and his theory is that his better half is regarded as some kind of Ju Ju object.’
    • ‘Now that you mention it, Tristan old bean, it looks somewhat unique.’
    • ‘You had quite a lot of sherry old bean, and as you got up to leave you mistook the window for a door.’
    • ‘Boris old bean, don't take any notice of what Howard says; you'll be there long after he has gone.’
    • ‘But when you remember you're hundreds of feet up in a great chunk of Victorian genius, you doff your hat and remember your place, old bean.’
    man, my friend
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