Definition of old Spanish custom in English:

old Spanish custom

(also Spanish practice)


  • A long-standing practice in a company which is unauthorized or otherwise irregular.

    • ‘With a few heartwarming exceptions, these are churlishly protective of their narrow self-interest, and as sentimentally attached to Spanish practices as any Coventry car-worker in the 1970s.’
    • ‘It is a form of dishonesty, and it breeds in our employment environment a culture of Spanish practices, as it used to be called in the days when one was allowed to be racist about it.’
    • ‘Docker leaders at Southampton docks threatened war as their labour monopoly, with all its ugly Spanish practices, was ripped apart after 42 years of unchallenged protection.’
    • ‘Have the police sold out in return for the government turning a blind eye to their Spanish practices and guaranteeing their gold-plated pensions?’
    • ‘Yet many also resisted and adapted, adopting Spanish practices - from politics to art forms - and institutions (like the church and military) to serve their own interests.’