Definition of old-age pensioner in English:

old-age pensioner


  • An old person, especially one receiving an old-age pension.

    • ‘Roza introduced me to her friends, many of whom, like her, were looking after old-age pensioners in nearby working-class neighbourhoods.’
    • ‘This post office is convenient to both my wife and I who are both old-age pensioners.’
    • ‘All age groups were represented, from school students to old-age pensioners.’
    • ‘Sir, - I think it is about time some sort of inquiry into the position of the old-age pensioner and the maximum retirement pension should be made.’
    • ‘The service is free to old-age pensioners and children under five years.’
    • ‘The first of Kaye's pair of black and white Guinness commercials featured an old-age pensioner getting himself ready slowly for a wedding.’
    • ‘At the moment we have a favourable situation, in that there are five workers for every old-age pensioner.’
    • ‘In 1972, Sir Francis Chichester, the first old-age pensioner to sail single handed around the world, died.’
    • ‘There is no consideration given to old-age pensioners or people in difficult financial circumstances.’
    • ‘Formerly a synagogue serving the Sephardic Jewish community, the building was converted in 1960 into a centre open to all, serving meals to some 30 old-age pensioners.’
    • ‘There is poverty in Namibia, and it would be interesting to find out to what extent our old-age pensioners make up the majority of our poor.’
    • ‘I finally qualify to offer the Guide To Age promised at the top of this column, since I have this week formally achieved the status of an old-age pensioner.’
    • ‘When the police are called to investigate a suspected death, they approach the house of an old-age pensioner with some trepidation.’
    • ‘Half the people who live up here are old-age pensioners who can only shop by bus.’
    • ‘Yesterday's incident took place after seven robbers dressed as old-age pensioners entered the CPS paypoint.’
    • ‘While attempting to avoid an old-age pensioner wavering down the sidewalk, she planted her front wheel in a hole and fell on the sidewalk.’
    • ‘Thus, old-age pensioners, workers and public employees grew increasingly angry, and owners of small businesses more embittered.’
    • ‘At least an old-age pensioner can take time off, go visit friends or get involved in activities.’
    • ‘We are conscious of the charges that will fall on old-age pensioners on fixed incomes.’
    • ‘Will it be the more vulnerable in our community or will it be the old-age pensioners?’


old-age pensioner

/ˌəʊldeɪdʒ ˈpɛnʃ(ə)nə/