Definition of old-age pension in English:

old-age pension


  • another term for retirement pension
    • ‘The maximum old-age pension currently available is less than €186 a week.’
    • ‘Retirement pensions superseded the old-age pension in 1946 for all except those who had no contribution record after 1946.’
    • ‘At the moment two-thirds of older people are entirely dependent on the state old-age pension, and unsurprisingly therefore at risk of poverty.’
    • ‘The state grants a small old-age pension, and the Catholic Church runs a senior citizens' home.’
    • ‘The old-age pension would rise by R20 to R640 a month.’
    • ‘An additional €847m has been allotted to social welfare in 2005, with increases of €12 in the old-age pension and €14 in the dole.’
    • ‘Under the new arrangements, the contributory old-age pension will rise to 167.30 per week.’
    • ‘I have applied for the contributory old-age pension and I may be entitled to a part-pension from social welfare.’
    • ‘We demand that the state guarantee an old-age pension which provides the elderly with a dignified and secure retirement.’
    • ‘Does the government plan to issue the old-age pension for one month only?’
    • ‘More than 3,2million South Africans are currently receiving an old-age pension, a disability grant or a child support grant.’
    • ‘This was swiftly followed by a drastic cut in the old-age pension, and highly conservative social and cultural policies.’
    • ‘Two weeks after retiring I got a letter from this wonderful government telling me they were taking £5 a week from my old-age pension as I had a company pension.’
    • ‘And I saw mothers and fathers who said to me not only were they unemployed, they didn't get any kind of income - no old-age pension and no welfare check.’
    • ‘The financing of old-age pensions may be changed from a taxation-financed system to a funded scheme system.’
    • ‘The Progressive Democrats in Government delivered on their 1997 pledge to increase the old-age pension to €127 a week, according to Ms Harney.’
    • ‘Besides creating a government old-age pension, it fostered a sense of national unity.’
    • ‘The elderly woman has asked Home Affairs for years to have her birth year corrected from 1945 to 1940, so she can qualify for an old-age pension.’
    • ‘He has been forced to do so at this age as the Punjab government has failed to pay him the old-age pension, his only source of livelihood for the past two years.’
    • ‘Her platform focuses on unemployment, the old-age pension, and the insecure economic position of single women and widows.’


old-age pension