Definition of okey-dokey in English:


(also okey-doke)

adjective, exclamation, & adverb

  • another term for OK
    • ‘We get a widescreen presentation, which is appreciated; but the film quality ranges from okey-dokey to poor.’
    • ‘I basically just have to patrol the area, make sure everything's okey-dokey.’
    • ‘Sabrina started to get up until Wendy called, ‘No problem, everything's okey-dokey!‘’
    • ‘After all, why salute, when you can just say okey-dokey?’
    • ‘She had attempted to calm public concern last December by convening a panel of international experts on Mad Cow, expecting the panel to say everything is okey-dokey.’
    • ‘He is the guy who wrote the government memo saying that torturing prisoners was legally okey-dokey.’
    • ‘Those were totally okey-dokey with the Secret Service, but his simply had to be removed.’