Definition of oilman in English:



  • An owner or employee of an oil company.

    • ‘The son of a US oilman, whose great grandfather started in the oil game in West Virginia in 1905, Remp appears to have a strong desire to challenge himself and his 150 employees around the globe.’
    • ‘Hundreds of millions of viewers were captivated by the episode of Dallas in which the gleefully wicked millionaire oilman JR Ewing was shot by an unknown assailant while working late.’
    • ‘Of course, it was clear all along that if fully investigated, the scandal would touch all kinds of oilmen in the United States, as well.’
    • ‘The oilmen took over and changed the name of the company to the Aircraft Manufacturing Company.’
    • ‘The company's chief executive is facing the kind of challenge most oilmen would sell their Texas ranch for.’
    • ‘Marion, oilman and head of Millennium Seismic, has a home in Calgary.’
    • ‘His background as an oilman - and his philosophy toward the environment - put him at odds with these groups.’
    • ‘The Dallas oilman has been saying since last year that oil prices are likely to stay well over $30 a barrel for a long time.’
    • ‘The Black Gold tartan was designed by North Sea oilman Andy Grieve.’
    • ‘She had married Texas oilman Howard Marshall in 1994, when she was 26 and he was 89.’
    • ‘Well, let's start from the beginning and that is that both of them are oilmen, they come out of the oil industry.’
    • ‘There were the refugees in Chad, the landless in Brazil, and a global workforce from oilmen in Kuwait to tea pickers in Rwanda.’
    • ‘Her Aunt Patsy tries to set her up temporarily with a rich Oklahoma oilman named Daniel, but Lucy actually falls for him.’
    • ‘Far easier, the oilmen claim, to run the pipeline across shallow seas to Darwin and its First World infrastructure.’
    • ‘Her father was rich oilman, her mother a product of the San Antonio social scene.’
    • ‘Most at risk are oil industry vessels working in the coastal swamps west of the port of Warri, where in April two US oilmen were gunned down by pirates.’
    • ‘‘I'm worth US $100 million,’ bragged the oilman.’
    • ‘Texan oilman Darrel Jacob took over the reins of the Total refinery at Milford Haven last week.’
    • ‘Many authorities on Russian politics have said that the dispute reflects the president's attitude toward the oilman, not the oil business.’
    • ‘Although Moscow is still weighing its decision, both BP PLC and Russian oilmen are optimistic the Kremlin will endorse the Baku-Ceyhan project.’
    • ‘For the domination of resources and markets, we could have graphics of oilmen predicting the rise and fall of their share of barrels, offset against the rising costs of the war.’
    • ‘The daughter of an Aberdeen oilman, you could imagine her drinking skinny lattes over a copy of Vogue.’
    • ‘What bothers me as a British oilman is the massive load of decent assets below the waves where nothing is happening.’
    • ‘But before they heap even more opprobrium on the oilman from Texas, scientists should take the time to put their own house in order.’
    • ‘It's time to stop letting this fat cat oilman and his corporate cronies damage lives and our economy for their personal profit and power.’
    • ‘The US President and Vice-President, both oilmen, cannot be unaware of those interests.’
    • ‘A retired oilman in his early 60s, he's normally active and healthy.’
    • ‘Freeman admits the industry faces tough challenges, but says: ‘You need to be an optimist if you are an oilman.’’
    • ‘More and more moneyed Americans, from oilmen to bankers and film directors, are pouring funds into new vineyards and wineries.’
    • ‘Britain's North Sea oil supply is dwindling, forcing the oilmen into ever more expensive offshore exploration in ever deeper water.’
    • ‘Around the same time, Yale University was busily refusing a gift of 20 million dollars, offered by a Texas oilman and patron of high culture.’
    • ‘This week, hundreds of oilmen from around the world will descend on Aberdeen to share their optimism and their expertise.’
    • ‘Today's episode has a brisk rehearsal of his business career: failing quite lucratively as an oilman, and then making his fortune out of public funds as part-owner of a football team.’
    • ‘One of the government's first, and wisest, steps was to hire the vastly experienced Norwegian oilman Alex Buvik to advise it on environmental and safety issues.’
    • ‘He's not really from Texas and he's not really a southern rancher or oilman.’
    • ‘Even legendary oilman T. Boone Pickens is predicting $3-a-gallon gasoline within a year.’
    • ‘The attackers first struck an oil office and killed nine people, then dragged a British oilman's body through the streets.’