Definition of oiler in English:



  • 1An oil tanker.

    • ‘She was also, as a fleet oiler, at the vanguard of the fleet that launched the assault on Pearl Harbour.’
    • ‘Future tests are planned for the Merlin with RFA vessels, in particular auxiliary oilers and auxiliary oil and replenishment ships.’
    • ‘The Europeans are also in need of seagoing oilers and fleet replenishment vessels.’
    • ‘Nato also has dispatched seven frigates, a destroyer, and an auxiliary oiler to the Mediterranean to take the place of American naval assets there.’
    • ‘The oiler towed the Thonburi back to Bangkok where she entered dock for repairs.’
    • ‘On 7 December, the Pacific Fleet had two oilers in Pearl Harbor and three at sea and six others in ports on the west coast; only four of these were capable of at-sea refueling.’
    • ‘The time span will also allow contractors seeking to transform the ship into a Royal Australian Navy oiler to go onboard and assess what needs to be done and what equipment will be required.’
    • ‘The surviving engineer from the wreck of the fleet oiler heads for his old ship with the dive guide.’
    • ‘The 180-metre long oilers, officially classified as Large Fleet Tankers, are fitted with two Vulcan Phalanx close-in weapon systems.’
    • ‘With the Pacific Fleet's oilers supplying fuel to ships in the Hawaiian area, it meant new supplies were not being brought in from the mainland.’
    • ‘One reason for sending the USS Cole to a Yemen port to refuel was because there were not enough fleet oilers to refuel the Cole at sea.’
    • ‘A ‘T-AO’ designation indicates that the ship is an underway replenishment oiler.’
    • ‘The loss of the fleet oiler USS Pecos to Japanese action exacerbated the situation further.’
    • ‘With similar dimensions, it will also match Westralia's capabilities once converted from an oiler to underway replenishment ship.’
    • ‘Other ships serve as fleet ocean tugboats, fast combat support ships, oilers, ammunition ships, and combat stores ships.’
    • ‘While in these patrol areas, the subs should have systematically hunted down and destroyed US tankers and Navy oilers.’
    • ‘Commercial oilers may have a tank which dispenses the insecticide like a lantern wick.’
    • ‘The Navy also suffered from a severe shortage of oilers, which limited the operations radius of the fleet.’
    • ‘The rest pressed on and were over the Mobile Fleet by 6: 30 P.M. In growing darkness, the Americans attacked, damaging several vessels and sinking three, the carrier Hiyo and two oilers.’
    • ‘And the USS Arctic, which is an oiler and a resupply ship, is heading down to be on station.’
    1. 1.1 An oilcan.
    2. 1.2North American informal An oil well.
  • 2A person who oils machinery.

    • ‘The engine oiler had a painfully swollen jaw, apparently from an abscessed tooth.’
    • ‘Pat got into construction early, signing up with Boise-based Morrison-Knudsen Co. as a dragline oiler at age 22.’
    • ‘In the tale, as four men - a captain, a cook, an oiler, and a correspondent (Crane's alter ego) - battle perilous billows, they silently mull over the cosmic significance of their plight.’
    • ‘Their father worked in construction as a crane operator, oiler and mechanic.’
    • ‘It could have been the work of someone of fairly low level experience, such as an oiler.’
    • ‘It was not long after 26-year-old Jun started working as an oiler on board the Joint Spirit before he discovered the ship's dark secret.’
  • 3oilersNorth American informal Oilskin garments.

    ‘Roy, in his oilers, did not get wet’