Definition of oil spill in English:

oil spill


  • An escape of oil into the sea or other body of water.

    ‘this was the site of a disastrous offshore oil spill’
    • ‘And an oil spill or industrial disaster can wipe out big chunks of the environment.’
    • ‘When you see coverage of oil spills, what has the greatest impact on you - the arial shot of the spill or the up close shot of the cute seal or duck suffocating in the petroleum?’
    • ‘Plot-wise, a kindly, geeky professor is trying to save the world from oil spills.’
    • ‘The photographs document the struggle last year along the northern Spanish coast against one of the worst oil spills in history.’
    • ‘A post-Katrina release of oil has been compared to the much smaller 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill in Alaska.’
    • ‘He discusses the 10,000-tonne oil spill on Karachi's Clifton beach.’
    • ‘His essay cites the ocean's resilience to ecological damage from oil spills and sunken shipping.’
    • ‘The dark liquids have similarly ominous implications, as if to underscore the dangers of offshore oil drilling and the devastation wrought by oil spills.’
    • ‘An oil spill near the pipeline's marine terminal would present a major threat to Cameroon's coastal economy.’
    • ‘Environmentalists warn accidental oil spills could endanger rare marine species inhabiting surrounding and downstream ecosystems.’