Definition of oil pollution in English:

oil pollution


mass noun
  • Pollution caused by a leak or discharge of oil, typically from a ship.

    ‘oil pollution is a big problem facing ports handling oil tankers’
    • ‘They paid a $35 million fine for oil pollution in six states.’
    • ‘The problem of oil pollution, therefore, lands squarely at the doorstep of a transportation system based on internal combustion.’
    • ‘The provisions of the Act drastically changed the landscape for oil pollution prevention.’
    • ‘Also discussed was the establishment of an international fund for compensation for oil pollution damage.’
    • ‘Technologies to prevent or contain oil spills, however, cannot solve the problem of marine oil pollution, since the main cause is not spills, but the consumption of oil.’
    • ‘The legislation was passed in its original form, leaving oil pollution unaddressed.’
    • ‘Other industry-related expenses include light dues, marine navigation levies and conservancy, and oil pollution levies.’
    • ‘A temporary solution to the reported oil pollution in the lagoon has been found.’
    • ‘Increasing pollution levels evoked a public response beginning in the 1960s that led ultimately to government regulatory policy aimed at controlling oil pollution.’
    • ‘Problems include oil pollution from hundreds of onshore oil wells.’