Definition of oil palm in English:

oil palm


  • A tropical West African palm which is the chief source of palm oil.

    Elaeis guineensis, family Palmae: several cultivars

    • ‘Research has revealed that oil palm grown as a monoculture upsets the flora and fauna ecosystem due to an absence of plant diversity.’
    • ‘Undoubtedly because of its multifunctionality, the oil palm and its bunches of palm nuts are a recurring feature in Akan royal arts.’
    • ‘I believe we can create plants with far greater oil productivity than the current tradition bio-oil sources such as canola, soyabean or oil palm.’
    • ‘The minority view is supported by the fact that almost all the coconut palm's relations are American, the one important exception being the oil palm, which is African.’
    • ‘Popular drinks include palm wine, made from the fermented sap of the oil palm, and home-brewed millet beer.’