Definition of oil gland in English:

oil gland


Zoology Botany
  • 1A gland which secretes oil.

    • ‘Rosemary and thyme leaves contain oil glands which further protect them from heat and intensify their aromas when crushed.’
    • ‘Flowers are yellow, pink or white, protogynous, herkogamous and sometimes lack oil glands.’
    • ‘The actual culprit isn't their fur, but the proteins emitted by the oil glands.’
    • ‘A few quick words on the ferret's interesting odour… all members of the weasel family have oil glands that give off a musky smell.’
    • ‘And if you look closely you can identify the plant but the tiny oil glands visible in the larger leaves when you hold them up to the light.’
    1. 1.1Ornithology
      another term for preen gland
      • ‘To do this the bird twists its neck around 180° and dips its beak into a tiny oil gland right down at the back of its spine.’
      • ‘Rheas lack oil glands, and their feathers lack hooks, making them unusually soft.’