Definition of oil bath in English:

oil bath


  • A receptacle containing oil, used for cooling, heating, lubricating, or insulating equipment immersed in it.

    • ‘To heat up the pigments the suspensions were filled into a glass reaction vessel and kept in a oil bath at temperatures of 50°C, 100°C, 150°C or 200°C for 30 min.’
    • ‘When the surface temperature of the steel has fallen to between 400°C and 300°C the water quenching is interrupted by transferring the tool to an oil bath.’
    • ‘This results in friction and the evolution of heat which is dispersed by immersing the whole stepped-cone arrangement in an oil bath.’
    • ‘The object is heated in an oil bath, immediately after quenching, to prevent related cracking, to relieve internal stress and to decompose austenite without much softening.’
    • ‘The agarose cylinders were transferred to the oil bath and equilibrated with 20 l of relaxing solution containing measured amounts of BSA or parvalbumin.’