Definition of oil baron in English:

oil baron


  • A magnate in the oil industry.

    • ‘His clout in the northeast makes him Scotland's top oil baron, but he thinks globally, employing more than 10,000 people in 30 countries.’
    • ‘Texas oil barons, industrial tycoons and Arab sheiks all made their fortunes on the back of the world's power resources.’
    • ‘I'm also hilarious and the son of an oil baron, so none of my supermodel girlfriends have ever broken up with me.’
    • ‘During his re-election campaign, he will not pull the plug on millions from the oil barons.’
    • ‘When he was younger and dreamed about what he would do if he wasn't The Prince, the notion of oil baron never came to mind.’
    • ‘Even in the USA, heavily influenced as it is by the oil barons, there are voices now speaking out about the damage our way of life is causing.’
    • ‘The billionaire oil baron began to fund opposition parties and publicly hinted that he wanted to be president himself.’
    • ‘The Earth Lodge, with private butlers, private plunge pools, a health spa and a 6,000-bottle wine cellar, is the natural habitat of magnates, oil barons and celebrities.’
    • ‘They evoke a retro world of confident white CEOs in suits, oil barons, and the military industrial complex.’
    • ‘In the name of spurring an economic recovery, we could lose the wildlife preserve to the oil barons.’
    • ‘He plays Jett Rink, the rebellious ranch-hand who improbably strikes oil on his patch of land, much to the fury of the oil baron.’
    • ‘Firstly it would free us from the oil barons who are holding us to ransom.’
    • ‘In fact, many would-be local oil barons left the area or returned to their farms.’
    • ‘Europe's oil barons are earning bigger salaries than their US counterparts for the first time in generations, thanks to big pay rises and the exchange rate.’
    • ‘We are all fed up with being continuously fleeced by both the Government and the oil barons.’
    • ‘Many settled near Tulsa to take advantage of the oil boom, serving the oil barons as hired help - drivers, gardeners and maids.’
    • ‘We have an oil baron for a president, and regular gas is $2.60 a gallon.’
    • ‘In 1921, the Oklahoma oil barons and businessmen needing more land for warehouses and factories were eyeing Greenwood's downtown location - and they didn't want to share it.’
    • ‘Is it just me, or is the ideal of a national cinema bankrolled by oil barons somewhat dubious?’
    • ‘With the oil baron already behind bars and facing serious charges, a government takeover of his company may not be necessary.’