Definition of oil-based in English:



  • 1Having oil as a medium or main ingredient.

    ‘the frame is then painted with an oil-based paint’
    • ‘Nutritionists have assumed that people absorb more from oil or oil-based supplements than from vegetables.’
    • ‘Marble and granite will stain if not thoroughly protected by a topical sealer or a subsurface impregnator that repels both water- and oil-based liquids.’
    • ‘Some oil-based herbicides are safe to use over the top of plants prior to budbreak, but may injure the foliage if applied during active growth.’
    • ‘There is what he calls the randomized and egalitarian color spectrum afforded by premixed oil-based housepaint.’
    • ‘It is an agricultural system based on oil-based pesticides.’
    • ‘Water-based fluids pose fewer disposal problems and disperse heat better than oil-based fluids.’
    • ‘These machines were then combined with well-established techniques for producing durable oil-based ink.’
    • ‘Glyphosate performance was still fairly good using the oil-based adjuvants.’
    • ‘The application of an oil-based paint can be studied in an unfinished painting of the Virgin and Child.’
    • ‘The artist then applies oil-based lithographic inks with brushes to restore the image in a painterly manner.’
    1. 1.1 Founded on the production of oil.
      ‘Saudi Arabia is an oil-based economy’
      • ‘This gives President George W. Bush and his White House staff of industrial, oil-based oligarchs their present dilemma over terrorism and war.’
      • ‘The costs of having an oil-based economy, through human lives lost in wars, is a cost I'm not willing to pay.’
      • ‘We have to get away from a consumer-based, oil-based society.’
      • ‘They stress the conflict between the shah's state, sustained by oil-based modernization, and society.’
      • ‘This is the irony of such a state of affairs in a country privy to the economic benefits of an oil-based economy.’
      • ‘They have shifted their attack to what they argue is the party's ambiguous platform and oil-based independence economics.’
      • ‘There is disillusionment with poorly designed domestic economic programs in the face of the decline of oil-based income in the region.’
      • ‘Converting the existing oil-based infrastructure to a hydrogen-based one is a reasonable, though expensive, long-term goal.’
      • ‘The prognosis only shows a corrupt bureaucracy and an oil-based economy without any transparency.’
      • ‘The greatest threat to Scotland's oil-based prosperity is the Prime Minister, slayer of geese that lay golden eggs.’