Definition of Ohm's law in English:

Ohm's law


  • A law stating that electric current is proportional to voltage and inversely proportional to resistance.

    • ‘These conditions lead to a Luttinger liquid, which is capable of violating Ohm's law and displaying other unusual properties.’
    • ‘This is a qualitative description of Ohm's law (I = V / R) that accounts for the observation that current strength is proportional to the amount of voltage.’
    • ‘Kirchhoff's laws followed from applying Ohm's law but the way in which he was able to generalise the results showed great mathematical skills.’
    • ‘This conductance is approximately two orders of magnitude lower than the conductance calculated from Ohm's law if the channel radius is taken to be equal to 1 nm.’
    • ‘The relationship, however, abruptly deviates from Ohm's law with further decreases in the membrane potential.’


Ohm's law